Tempe Micro Estates

Thirteen small homes create a courtyard community focused on creating a comfortable atmosphere with less impact on the environment. Designed for maximum flexibility in a small footprint, these affordable, one–bedroom homes contain the best of small-home living.

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Tempe Micro Estates is designed as an ‘intentional neighborhood,’ where residents share the desire to interact with their neighbors. Each home is small and private, but the sense of community around it is big.

Innovative and affordable, these homes are part of a Community Land Trust, providing resident controlled homes on community-owned land. The site features a 900-square foot Common Room near the front of the property providing a place to gather, share meals, relax, and interact with neighbors and friends. Each home faces a central courtyard, featuring Sonoran Desert-friendly landscape design, including: orchard and shade trees; native and edible plants; and, space for each resident to manage their own on-site kitchen garden for growing fresh, healthy foods.

The Estates are conveniently located near light rail and the future Tempe Streetcar, and are close to employment, shopping, healthcare, and entertainment.

After our agreement is signed with the City of Tempe, our first steps will be to engage with neighbors and other community members in the Jen Tilly Terrace neighborhood, and beyond.

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Applications for purchasing a home at Tempe Micro Estates are not yet available. Please stay tuned for more information.

All unit designs and project details are subject to change.

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Unit Features

  • 600 sq. ft. lofted homes with full-size appliances
  • Personal patio to relax and enjoy coffee or tea
  • Bright space with windows that open to take advantage of mild weather
  • On-site, individual “kitchen gardens”
  • Well-insulated and efficient systems designed to ‘sip’ A/C and heat
  • Low embodied energy, small carbon footprint, and low-waste construction
  • Locally-manufactured materials, as available
  • Homes designed to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® Home Performance Certification
  • Low-ongoing ownership costs: easy maintenance, quality materials

Property Features

  • Centrally located: easy to walk, bike, or take transit to every-day necessities
  • Common Room: 900 sq. ft. community space
    • Provides indoor and outdoor gathering spaces
    • Encourages shared meals with community kitchen
    • Houses mailboxes, tool sharing, book and game library
    • Contains laundry facilities, with greywater feature that feeds landscaping and an option for line drying
    • Utilizes rainwater harvesting cistern with low-impact design to “plant the rain”
  • Innovative landscaping: all on-site vegetation is edible or native flora to support a low-carbon lifestyle
  • Secure, safe, and welcoming community
  • Flexible open-space and on-site parking

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