Help with Forclosure

Struggling  with your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure?

Up to $100,000 in mortgage assistance is available to eligible homeowners.  

  • Your home must be in Arizona and it must be your principal residence.

A Foreclosure Prevention Specialist can help you determine if you meet other program requirements and which programs you might be eligible for.  Newtown does not charge a fee for its Foreclosure Prevention services.

You will need the following information in order to complete a quick assessment:

  1. The original purchase price of your home.
  2. The total balance of ALL mortgage(s) on your home.
  3. Your current monthly mortgage payment(s).
    Note: the monthly mortgage payment includes principal, interest, taxes, insurances on your first mortgage and the monthly payment on your second mortgage and HOA (if applicable).
  4. Your current pretax household income, gross income before taxes and other adjustment.

To have a Foreclosure Prevention Specialist contact you complete the following form:

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Other Foreclosure Intervention Resources:
• Arizona Foreclosure Information Workbook (English and Spanish).  Revised November 2013.  Download this workbook for detailed information about the foreclosure process:  English version or  Spanish version.

• Avoiding Loan Modification and Foreclosure Scams Don’t lose your home to a foreclosure or loan modification scam! The Attorney General invites you to check out these tips and suggestions in a new brochure. (Click Here)


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