Help with Credit

Newtown’s specially trained counselors can help you improve your credit. We provide your credit scores and a tri-merge credit report; an easy to read report from Equifax, Experian and Transunion, that combines information about all of your credit accounts in one place. Our reports are a “Soft Inquiry” and do not negatively affect your credit scores.
Newtown counselors have access to special tools that help determine the best way to improve your credit score. For example, Credit Expert What-If Simulator™ lets us safely test changes to your credit profile to determine impacts on your credit score. There is an additional fee for this tool that varies depending upon individual circumstances.
Your tri-merge credit report, credit scores and credit analysis is free. If you decide to keep working with your Newtown counselor we’ll ask that you pay a $40 application fee.
To get started submit an online contract form. Someone from Newtown will then contact you to schedule your free credit analysis.

Click here to get started and have a Newtown representative contact you!

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