Tempe Micro Estates

Our goal for this project is to create a small-house neighborhood of affordable homes with convenient access to light rail and the future Tempe Streetcar, as well as other amenities, all within Newtown’s community land trust. We hope this project will become a replicable model for future infill development in other places throughout valley.

These homes are designed for maximum flexibility, allowing for affordable, high-quality housing for artists, healthcare, restaurant, and service workers who are on the low- to moderate-income scale. Targeting people who may work in Tempe but who otherwise cannot afford to purchase a home here. Our goal is to balance the pros and cons of traditional tiny-home developments with the current demand we’re seeing from our clients.

Homes will be lofted one-bedroom, one bath, 600-square feet with a full-size appliance kitchen. Each home will have a small private yard, and a small front porch that overlooks a community garden and grounds featuring lush, Sonoran desert-friendly landscape design. All owners will share a large common house that includes the laundry facility with a laundry-to-landscape greywater system, a community kitchen, rainwater harvesting cistern, and more.

After our agreement is signed with the City of Tempe, our first steps will be to engage with neighbors and other community members in the Jen Tilly Terrace neighborhood, and beyond.

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